The majority of our customers motor cars are well used.  Some attending club events, or giving good service as ‘daily drivers’.  Others are put to task on the most gruelling of challenges such as the infamous Peking to Paris Rally.

A well maintained Rolls-Royce or Bentley will always be reliable in all of the above situations.  Routine maintenance is very much encouraged to ensure that the chassis and all running gear are kept in good reliable order.  Service schedules can be tailored to suit, dependent on the type of use and customer requirements.


General Repair Work is a constant throughput of our workshop.  We are able to cover all areas of mechanical repair as well as carrying out full overhauls to engines, gearboxes, rear axles, braking systems, steering, suspension and chassis.

Repairs to engine ancillaries can often be overlooked, but actually these components are crucial to the correct running, reliability and overall enjoyment of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Car.  Carburettors, water pumps, ignition and electrical systems can all be overhauled and correctly set to factory specifications.

Product knowledge and experience allows us to diagnose faults particular to the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Car.  The correct repair can then be carried out quickly and efficiently, reducing costs and the amount of time vehicles are ‘off the road’.

Repairs Repairs Repairs Repairs Repairs
Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration


At Carl J Ford we are able to carry out all forms of mechanical restorations and overhauls on all Pre-War Models.  We are able to organise and co-ordinate coachbuilding and coachtrimming through are trusted and skilled sub-contractors.

The restoration process can be quite varied depending on the originality and condition of the vehicle in question.  It may take the form of a sympathetic, partial or full restoration.

We can undertake any of the above, our primary aim being to keep the restoration process ‘as close to’ the vehicles original specification as possible.  During any form of restoration, customer input is always encouraged to ensure the restoration is correct in every details as well as meeting customer expectations.

Event Preparation

Our customers attend many concours events, tours and rallies across the UK and Europe during the year.  The preliminary factor to success being thorough preparation and support.  We are pleased to say that all the cars prepared by us have performed extremely well and without fault.  Carl is always on hand to offer any advice or support required when needed.

Not only do we prepare Rolls-Royce’s and Bentley’s for the Peking Paris Rally, owners often have a Veteran car tucked away especially for the London to Brighton Run held in November.  Carl has prepared a number of these historic cars for the run over the years, none as yet have ‘failed to proceed’.

Event Preparation Event Preparation Event Preparation Event Preparation Event Preparation