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Machine Shop

A large amount of specialist machining can be undertaken in our well equipped ‘in house’ machine shop.  This allows us to carry out and control complete unit overhauls from start to finish and produce or restore important original components that may no longer be available.

Many new ‘brought in’ components require a small degree of finishing to produce the correct fit when assembling, again our machine shop allows us to undertake and control this easily without the need to ‘outsource’ the work.

Specialist Tooling

Our workshop is a well organised and meticulous environment.  Equipped with all the specialist tooling required to undertake restoration, repairs and overhaul work efficiently and economically.

You will often find various fittings that have been damaged due to the use of incorrect tooling over the years on a Rolls-Royce or Bentley chassis.  If the correct tool or jig is not available our machine shop will fabricate it rather than risk further harm to important parts.

The crucial setting up of many components within the engine, chassis, steering and braking systems can only be achieved with the correct tooling.  The enjoyment and reliability of these motor cars is heavily influenced by these all important adjustments.

Specialist Tooling Specialist Tooling Specialist Tooling
Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication Fabrication


The fabrication area enables us to repair existing original components and make them serviceable for the future.

Many owners also request sympathetic upgrades.  For example, these can range from modified Phantom II cam followers or the fitting of an electric starting system to a Pre-War Silver Ghost.  The fabrication shop allows us to produce all the necessary components required to carry out such tasks as well as being able to ensure high standards.